C3D allows students to discover STEM concepts in a fun, interactive way!

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Substrands aligned

Every topic in our content is aligned to curriculum substrands for easy access to a teacher in search of a topic. C3D includes assessments and printables.

Curriculum aligned

C3D is integrated with the UK national curriculum, pre-eminent sub-strands for KS1 & KS2, STEM methodologies, and promotes high-standards of EdTech content.

Lesson planning

C3D is aligned with Lesson planning to help teachers prepare academic & year-long planning


C3D provides assessments for every topic to assess the knowledge and understanding of the respective topic

Keywords & Concept maps

These help students to understand and memorize the vocabulary and core words in the topic for future grades and competitive thinking.

Visual & Gaming lessons

C3D offers an advanced and practical way of explaining topics with intuitive animated videos and exciting interactive games.

Great teachers make great educational content and that is what CubeDigiCo C3D offers. Our 3D animated videos and interactive game content inspires students to think, engage, explore, and perform.

Multi-tier Learning Styles

Helps teachers and students to teach and learn more in less time

Other Features

Printables for teachers for interactive classroom with more references, examples, and activities.

Easy-to-use software interface to browse, search, and navigate the topics and selections.

Compatible Application with Android and iOS devices

Supports Flipped learning | Blended Learning | Online Learning | 3D Learning

Promotes Interactive Classroom | Student engagement | New-gen instructional education

Lesson planning aligned for Teacher’s academic planning.

Simple & affordable pricing for added engaging & quality education

24/7 support to teachers and students